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In 2008 the four guys landed in the studio to record a bunch of instrumental tracks that they had penned. No big showmanship, no histrionics on the guitar or harp; this was an effort to play solid tunes with restraint and just outstanding musicianship. Making good music was important but did not require “too many notes” nor stratospheric soloing. The stuff never went public until now, well over 10 years later. Now called The 11 Guys Quartet, the guys decided the world needed to hear this music. Given that Rosy Rosenblatt is the founder and President of VizzTone, they had a great vehicle to produce and promote the album and now the world has Small Blues And Grooves to savor. It’s stripped down, it’s all instrumentals and it’s very cool. No one is trying to outdo the other guy. It’s just a foursome of musicians doing what they do best- playing the blues!

Since releasing the Small Grooves And Blues CD the band has begun a series of single releases with videos. These began during the pandemic lockdown as a way to keep playing using new recording techniques that allowed the musicians to work together without actually being in the same place. The videos which were meant to provide some comic relief during these trying times met with such a positive response from all over the world that they have decided to continue this series into the future.

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